Submission guidelines and agreement

1. Some requirements

1.1. All genres are accepted as long as it is not poetry or children literature.

1.2. Recommended length: 400-1000 words for flash fiction; 1000-10000 for short stories.

1.3. The short story must be written in English.

1.4. The short story must be previously unpublished.

1.5. Submisions are only accepted in .pdf or Microsoft Word file formats.

2. Restrictions

2.1. Hatred for different nationalities, races, sexual orientation, religious or political views, etc. will not be tolerated.

2.2. Short stories dominated by pornographic scenes very likely will be rejected.

3. Submission process

3.1. If your short story meets our requirements, then send it via email to or use our submissions form.

3.2. A confirmation letter is sent to your email address within 24h.

3.3. If the short story gets picked, the author is contacted 30 days before publication.

3.4. At this point, mini-interviews is taken from each selected author.

3.5. All authors are awarded with free copy of an issue they get published on.

4. Some other considerations

4.1. If the short story was not chosen to be published on the most upcoming issue, it still may be picked in the future.

4.2. An author may submit multiple stories, but only one publication by the same person is allowed per issue.

5. Royalties

5.1. Amount of royalties depends on how well particular issue was selling.

5.2. Flash fiction is awarded with 5% of profits from magazine sales.

5.3. Short stories is awarded with at least 5% of profits from magazine sales + 0.5% per additional 1000 words.

5.4. Royalties are paid as one-time payments and issued through PayPal, usually 3 months after publication, but not later than 111 days after publication.

6. Agreement

6.1. By submitting your short story, you agree that it is your own creation and it doesn't violate any copyrights.

6.2. You give your permission to publish your short story on The Inky Cave literary magazine and use excerpts from it on our official website You remain the owner of all copyrights.

6.3. In case you change your mind and no longer want to publish, you must notify us at least 20 days before planned publication of the magazine.

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