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What is it all about?

Hello and welcome to the Inky Cave, a fancy place for both, readers and writers, to join each other and seek for inspiration. It is where the great fiction stories are born and get published bianually as a digital magazine.

Variety of reading

Carefully selected short fiction stories from highly talented authors around the world. Each issue with its own feel and atmosphere. And full of surprises!

Fresh minds

The Inky Cave is aspiring writers-friendly. You may never know what you are going to discover here. Your new favorite author, maybe?


Every purchased copy makes difference. Each author gets rewarded with at least 5% of net revenues from magazines' sales.


Most of our staff doesn't take any compensation for their effort in bringing Inky Cave to life, so our authors could earn even more.

29th April 2019

— is the day when the Inky Cave settles the bookshelves of online bookstores for very first time!

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