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What is it all about?

Hello and welcome to the Inky Cave, a fancy place for both, readers and writers, to join each other and seek for inspiration. It is where the great fiction stories are born and get published quarterly as a digital magazine.

Quality of reading

Carefully selected short fiction stories from highly talented authors around the world. Each issue with its own feel and atmosphere. And full of surprises!

Nicely illustrated

It's not just a plain text on digital paper. Every short story in a magazine comes with beautiful illustrations, created by young artists.

Fresh minds

The Inky Cave is aspiring writers-friendly. You may never know what you are going to discover here. Your new favorite author, maybe?


Every author who publishes a story, is rewarded with royalties of at least 5% of profits from magazines' quarterly sales. The rates get higher together with word count.

29th March 2019

— is the day when the Inky Cave settles the bookshelves of online bookstores for very first time!

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Do you write fiction? Then we want to hear your stories! You can write in any genre and topic you want — Inky Cave doesn't have constant boundaries, it's as giant as your imagination. Submitting your work is free and easy — just follow these simple steps:


Write a short story or pull one from the drawer if you already have it written.


Make sure that your story complies with our Submission Guidelines.


Send your masterpiece to submissions@inkycave.com or use our submission form.


Please give us 20-30 days to review and respond to your submission.

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