What kind of stories is the Inky Cave interested in?

The Inky Cave is looking for fiction that is hard to forget for the reader, or even messes up with one's mind in some creative way. It can be short stories, or exerpts from yet unpublished/unfinished novels. There are no any restrictions on style and topic as long as the stories are good.

What are word count requirements?

Word count limitation are: 600-6,000 words for short stories and exerpts from novels. It also should be written in English and previously unpublished.

What are the deadlines for submissions?

To be announced in June, 2019.

Do I have to pay any submission fees?

Nope. Submitting your work is absolutely free.

Does Inky Cave pay royalties?

Yes. Flash fiction is awarded with 5% of profits from magazine sales. Short stories is awarded with at least 5% of profits from magazine sales + 0.5% per additional 1000 words. Royalties are paid after following publication.

How to submit my story?

Simply use our Submissions Form or send your story via email to Note that only .pdf and Word file formats are supported. It would be great if you also include a short bio in the file.

What about copyrights?

By submitting your work you give us permission to publish it on Inky Cave literary magazine and promote it on our official website & social networks. Author retains ownership of all copyrights the following publication.

Can I send multiple short stories?

Yes. However, only one publication by the same person is allowed per issue.

How long should I wait for a response?

We usually respond to every submission in the next 3 days after the deadline. Our judges take their time to read and discuss all submitted works with each other before making any final desicions. Thanks for your patience!